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This is the central data repository for Project Long Jump, housed within the Project Headquarters on Starbase 72. Here all Project staff, including Starfleet personnel, can access all pertinent data gathered during the exploration of Messier 4.


Current Starfleet Resources In Messier 4

Main Data Base Access

  • Organisations: A list of organisations and political groups within Messier 4.
  • Species: A Cataloguing of known and theorized species and sociopolitical groups operating within Messier 4.
  • Locations: Systems, orbitals and worlds of note within Messier 4.
  • Technologies: A technical appendix for all new scientific and engineering related discoveries.

About us

This database is a player run, encyclopaedia type resource for the Messier-4 Universe, hopefully expanding to other sims involved with the region in the future.

Contribute to the Database

This wiki database is written for the players, by the players. Anyone can edit articles, create pages and upload images. As we are a relatively new database, there's plenty of room to get involved. To get started, all you need to do is create an account.
If you have any suggestions for the wiki, then please feel free to post them in the community discord channel.
The Wiki was launched on Feburary 12th 2019. We are maintaining 50 pages including 26 articles, and have 0 registered users!
  • April 2389: Enroute to Messier 4 the USS Traveller encounters an intergalactic Ark Ship of the Morning Star Imperium. During the investigation, they also discover the cause of the arks abandonment: The Clock Makers.
  • May 2389: The USS Traveller arrives in Messier 4 in the Carpathia star system. It is here that they meet The Myriad and are betrayed, stranding the colonists on Carpathia. It is during the chase into the Whisper Gate after the Myriad Abborax, that the USS Travellers disaster beacon is able to transmit an SOS back to the Alpha Quadrant.
  • June 2389: Canopus Station is sent through to Messier 4, this time arriving in Messier 4 but having its Support and Engineering Modules misjump by five light-years. Recovery efforts lead to the discovery of the last surviving members of a race called the Xilosians, and evidence of The Concordance and their machinations.
  • July 2389: As this happens the USS Traveller arrives in the Beacon star system after escaping the starship graveyard of the Myriad. It is here they are set upon by the Reka and begin their fighting retreat back to Carpathia.
  • July 2389: The USS Nogura, in the Milky Way, detects an unknown energy signature around a blue hypergiant star.
  • August 2389: The crew of Canopus Station discover a Prior artefact on Carpathia and investigate it. Unfortunately, a member of the Mercantile Academia was already there and kidnapped the landing party to a slave market within The Mire. Upon their rescue from The Harbour Master who ran the slave market called The Sleepers Bazaar, the crew returned to Canopus to the news of Invasion.
  • August 2389: The USS Traveller returns to find a starbase and guard fleet waiting for them in Carpathia. A pitched battle is fought and won there, but the USS Traveller is potentially mortally wounded and now awaits repairs.
  • August 2389: Following the Battle Of Canopus Station, the USS Traveller is placed in dry dock for extensive repairs and refit following her six months of travel through Messier 4. In the downtime, the crew welcome on new hands and train with new equipment. Canopus Station focuses on the colony of Landersfell on Carpathia, seeking to firm up connections between the civilian and Fleet groups in the system.
  • September 2389: USS Magnificent is dispatched to Alpha Starbase in the Milky Way, on what should be a routine training cruise...