The Xilosians

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General Information

Species Name: Xilosian’s
Base: Humanoid
Mode Of Governance: Civilian Mandate (quourum), supported by the Military Cadre
Tech Level: (Alpha: Pre Warp. Beta: Warp Capable. Delta: Able to harness ALL available resources. Gamma: Q level.) Alpha

Physical Descriptors

Tall on a statistical average, running towards lean frames as befit’s an evolutionary path trailing back to the oceans. Onyx skinned, with gold striations radiating from the corner of eyes and mouth. Their heads are covered in fronds that shift colour using a form of bioluminescence, resembling the poisoned spines of a lionfish. Speice reproduction similar to that of seahorses, with the male’s carrying the gestating fetus to live birth.

Note, possible anecdotal evidence that Xilosian’s undergo parthenogenesis during their life cycle.

Key Points

The Xilosian’s were on the path to becoming their own space-faring species, with the advent of their own Information Age and a burgeoning space-based industrial capacity. Their world was at peace, their people prosperous and well...and then The Concordance arrived.

What started as a joyous occasion of discovering they were not alone in the universe, soured in the years following first contact. Promised technologies were late to arrive, but The Concordance were able to construct many ‘Cultural Exchange Centres’ across the surface of Xilos. It was from these centres that The Concordance’s faith would spread like the infection it was, leading to the event the survivors of Xilos called The Fall Back.

As the madness-inducing Concordance infection began to spread, and more Concordance ships began to arrive in system, the Civilian Mandate moved into crisis mode. The Military Cadre fought a gruelling rearguard action to give them more time, a task hampered by mutinies from unknown infected agents behind the lines. Eventually, as the nuclear bombs fell on their cities and the first of the towed asteroids began to burn through the skies, the Xilosian’s took shelter in Cradle Facilities. These great bunkers had been built for another time, another crisis they were not needed for. Now they would save their species.

Following the sterilisation of Xilos, the Concordance left the survivors buried in their bunkers. With the surface irradiated, the air fouled with chemical weapons, and the mantle still settling from days of kinetic bombardment, the survivors settled in for the long haul. But as the years dragged on, the three Cradle Facilities underwent their own trails. The first to fall did so when a team sent to the surface accidentally brought back the infection, allowing it to burn brightly and briefly. The second fell when their water supply became contaminated, leading to rioting and eventually self-destruction.

The last and final Cradle Facility, was discovered by the recovery team from Canopus Station...

Worlds Of Note

Xilos, the former homeworld of the Xilosian people