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Nearly 8 months in Messier 4 and the USS Traveller is beginning to show the wear and tear of a seasoned campaigner. Having sought refuge in the shadow of a comet shard in the Beacon System attempts to repair the damage caused by their interactions with the Myriad was halted upon their attack by the Reka.

The semi telepathic avianoid raider’s used a melee combat phaser weapon which not only made them deadly close quarter fighters, but granted them a lightning fast site to site transporter ability to pass through bulkheads and decks. They quickly overran the ship’s security personnel, and it was only two miracles that saved the ship.

The first was an appearance of a traitor amid the raiders, a Reka of the Seven Dancing Shadows Den who had snuck into the ranks of the attacking Den. This nameless Reka offered her services and advice, allowing the ship's shields to destabilise the Reka phase staff's so that their site to site transporters cut out half way through the phasing cycle. This still allowed the surviving Reka to cause havoc.

Which happened in sickbay. There Chief Nurse Tsabina, already troubled by a growing psychic malady brought on by absorbing the katra of a Vulcan officer, was overcome by the Reka hive subconscious. Able to affect the Reka around her, control them to an extent and being so influenced in return, she took this opportunity to indulge her hunger. Whilst she attacked the Chief Medical Officer, she directed the Reka to slaughter those in sickbay. The Chief Science Officer, locked in the CMO’s office, could only watch on in horror.

Tsabina fled the ship shortly before Expedition Security retook sickbay, taking with her crime’s and a new namesake given to her by the Reka: Song Stealer.

Meanwhile, the ship fought for freedom, and with only their Chief of Operations manning the weapons and their captain at the helm, took flight and made a fighting retreat into a dense cloud of debris. In their escape, they were set upon by a Reka carrier, a glassy broken shard like craft that bristled with weapons and many hundreds of fighters. Through an inspired, if somewhat heavy-handed torpedo volley, Lieutenant Commander Shadi Zatra destroyed their attacker, allowing for their escape into the cloud.

Unable to hide for long, the crew of the Traveller made a break for the system’s edge a jump to warp speed. Having to fight their way past three of the Reka carriers patrolling that part of the system, the Traveller gave as good as she got. But injured as the ship had been upon entering Beacon, its wound’s only grew. As a parting shot before jumping to warp, the Reka blew the Ronin class ship’s dorsal mounted sensor pod clear of the ship. Not able to salvage it before a Reka plasma lance boiled it from existence, the Traveller jumped to light speed on a course for Carpathia and the only allies they know of.

And behind them, amassing in force, the Reka den of the Bone Shard Crowns went to warp as well in pursuit. With the Traveller only just eeking out a faster pace of warp five, it will a close race to Carpathia. Unbeknownst to the crew, the defenders of Canopus Station prepare for a trial by war.