USS Traveller

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General Information

Designation: USS Traveller
Classification: Ronin class heavy cruiser
Tech Level: (Alpha: Pre Warp. Beta: Warp Capable. Delta: Able to harness ALL available resources. Gamma: Q level.) Beta
Affiliations: Starfleet, United Federation Of Planets

General Descriptors

Designed in a time of war, the Ronin class heavy cruiser was built for a war that had ended just as she completed her space trials. All but two of the 15 Ronin class ships made by Utopia Planitia Shipyards were put into mothballs, to be recycled into more useful ships or stored for a time when they would be needed. For five years the USS Traveller rested in a parking orbit high above Mars, with no crew and no purpose.

Then Project Long Jump came along, and in its need for a ship capable of the sort of long-range mission beyond the support of Starfleet that Messier 4 would demand, the Ronin class found purpose. Overpowered for their size, designed for long duration patrols with both automated systems and advanced recreational facilities for its crew, one of the mothballed Ronins was granted to the Project.

Refitted for the task by Project support staff, the weapons pod atop the heavy cruiser was swapped out for a sophisticated sensor pod. This radical change in the ship's design was not without its detractors, who stated that removing nearly half of the ships armaments would leave the vessel in an untenable defensive position should it run into trouble. This argument was countered by the fact a single ship alone in Messier 4 would be doing its best to avoid battles at all costs.

In February 2388 the USS Traveller travelled to the star system of Far Far Away, where it was joined by the Project Launch Ship the USS I Knew I Forgot To Tell You Something. There it was launched through phase space to Messier 4.

Key Points

  • Sleeper Deck: The Traveller is fitted with extensive cyrocasket compartments to facility crew rotation and extend its mission lifetime. Fully two-thirds of the crew will be in stasis, rotating out every three months with exceptions made for key personnel.
  • Recreational Deck: This is a deck of the Traveller outfitted with advanced holographic projectors. It is also home to a number of civilian-run eateries and establishments who have signed onto the project and can generate a number of ‘open-air’ vistas to help alleviate crew mental stress during long-duration deep space assignments.